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During the July holidays all our teaching staff, several members of our Board of Trustees and the principals of our local primary schools spent a day with Guy Claxton. Guy Claxton is an English educationalist who has developed the theory and practices of Building Learning Power (BLP).

I first came across Guy Claxton in 2011. Listening to him we were very impressed with the idea that we can all develop learning dispositions. These learning dispositions may seem like common sense and naturally occurring qualities in the young people we teach and indeed in ourselves. However experience has shown that these learning dispositions need to be identified and then consciously developed.

The 4 main learning dispositions are:

Relating - having social sophistication that includes collaborating, being open-minded, independence, and having empathy.
Resilience - emotional strength that includes inquiring, persisting, adventuring and focusing.
Resourcefulness - having cognitive ability by imagining, connecting, crafting and capitalising.
Reflection - having strategic awareness by being methodical, self-evaluating, self-aware and able to transfer learning.

There are 5 core beliefs at the heart of BLP.

  • It prepares young people for life after school
  • With BLP young people are more able to cope with the hallmarks of today’s society; change, complexity and uncertainty
  • BLP can build a spirit of resilience and resourcefulness in everyone
  • All young people are capable of developing confidence, capability and passion. Real world intelligence is broader than academic achievement and intelligence is learnable
  • Life-long learning can only come about with a culture change in schools and a habit change by teachers.

We believe that by helping students become more independent, more reflective and better able to plan and evaluate their own learning their achievement levels rise.

The language we use to talk about learning influences how our students see themselves as learners.

The learning dispositions are becoming embedded in what we do at Newlands Intermediate. What changes can we expect to see? The language of BLP in the way reports are written, the way teachers talk to each other and plan their lessons, the kind of work that is displayed on walls and the way our students ask questions, face difficulty and work together.

I will share more of what we are doing in my next blog. See you next week at parent / teacher interviews.




Newlands Intermediate Kapa Haka Roopu preparing to take the stage at the 2013 St Brigids Kapa Haka Festival.

Saturday, September 21st was a proud day for our school as we hosted the Annual St Brigids Kapa Haka Festival. The inclement weather did not dampen the enthusiasm shown by performers and spectators alike. Thirteen roopu representing many schools from throughout the Northern Suburbs performed with passion and pride.

Camp 2014

Room 12 from Nga Wawata enjoying a bite to eat after a long tramp.


Pasifika girls performing to family and friends.

Our recent Po Pasifika was a successful evening that enabled our students to celebrate their cultural diversity.The audience actively engaged with our performers and showed their appreciation in the traditional Pacific way. Our students also chose one aspect of their cultural home to share with everyone gathered. The presentations covered a range of topics from tivaevae making in The Cook Islands to the medicinal uses of kava in Tonga.

Staff from Newlands College and Newlands Intermediate, along with BOT representatives mixed and mingled with whanau and friends while our students shared new learning with all.


NIS 2013 Mathswell Team

The victorious Newlands Intermediate Mathswell team proudly displaying their gold medals after placing 1st at the regional competition. Team members: Jared Hodson, Shine Wu, Caleb Bartlett, Chelsea Kah, Aneesa Delpachitra and Lilly Zhang were resilient and collaborative in their efforts.

Newlands Intermediate is very proud of their efforts. A total of 32 schools from throughout the region took part in this competion. This is the second time in 4 years that a Mathswell team from our school has placed 1st in this esteemed competition.


The students, staff and parent community of Newlands Intermediate welcomed esteemed visitors this morning, Monday May 12 2014 to the opening of our much anticipated turf. The formal proceedings of the day began with a powhiri.

Matua Joe McLeod (Nga Hau e Wha o Papararangi) and Simon McAtamney (Deputy Principal) were the speakers for Newlands Intermediate whilst Craig Fransen (HoF Maori- Newlands College) replied on behalf of all the visitors.

Following the powhiri and a speech delivered by Patrick Conroy (BOT- chair), the turf was officially opened by the Honourable Peter Dunne.

The turf, comprising of a rugby/football field, two netball courts/two tennis courts, six-a-side hockey and a two lane running track, is intended to be used by schools and the wider community.

The turf has been made possible by the contributions from various community trusts.

 Newlands Intermediate open evening - August 14

Our  school's Open Evening for prospective 2015 students and their families will be held on Thursday August 14 at 7.00 p.m. in our school hall.

schoolgen Launch - june 17

Building learning power through the context of solar energy was the theme for Newlands Intermediate's schoolgen launch this morning, Tuesday June 17. Schoolgen is a partnership between Wellington City Council and Genesis Energy: teaching Kiwi kids about solar energy and energy efficiency.

Newlands Intermediate is 1 of only 10 schools recently selected to be a schoolgen school. To recall our winning application, watch our entry on our e-learning page [CLICK HERE].

A schoolgen school is supported with the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) system, in our case, a 4-kilowatt (kW) PV system which generates electricity. Photovoltaic cells transform radiant energy from sunlight into direct current electricity. This electricity can be used as soon as it is generated or it can be stored for later use.

Visit and click on the map or search 'schools' to discover how much energy NIS is generating on a daily or monthly basis.

Strike performance - june 12

Newlands Intermediate students are a captivated audience during "STRIKE" performance.

NIS Open morning - june 19

On Thursday June 19 we are having an open morning- "Our School in Action."

The school will be open for all future or prospective parents and their children from 9am to midday.

During this time our students will be engaged in the learning activities that take place at our school each day. Our student ambassadors will be guiding parents through classrooms, looking at our facilities and answering questions about our school.

Parents are welcome to attend without their children if withdrawing them from school is a concern.

There will be opportunities to chat informally with the principal and deputy principals.

Please register at the front office upon your arrival.

Please note that this open morning does not replace our open evening on August 14.



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